Chievo – Benevento

Chievo welcomes Benevento in a match from the last 38th round of the Italian Serie A.


Chievo are 14th in the Calcio with 37 points won so far. They have a record of 9 wins, 10 draws and 18 losses during the campaign. The most important thing is that Chievo almost achieved their main goal which is survival. Right now the Flying Donkeys are just two points above the 18th Crotone and the danger zone, but the chances of seeing them relegated are absolutely minimal.


In their last five matches in the Serie A Chievo won twice, lost twice and made one draw. But right now they are in a run of two consecutive wins, achieved against Crotone and Bologna. We can say that these two wins are the main reason why the Flying Donkeys are going to keep their place in the elite division.


Benevento on the other hand already lost their place in the league. They are 20th in the Calcio with 21 points. Just a round before the end, Benevento have a record of just 6 wins, 3 draws and 28 losses. We all saw that the Witches were just not ready to play in the Serie A. Now they will go back to the Serie B and most surely they will try again to return in the Calcio.


In their last five matches Benevento won twice, lost twice and made one draw. In the previous round they achieved their 6th win for the season, beating Genoa at home.


For Chievo this is a good opportunity to finish their season with a win and guarantee their place in the Serie A for the next season. On theory they could still relegate, so they need to eliminate this possibility with a win over Benevento. Let’s see what’s going to happen.